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Planning Commission/MPG Advisory Committee Minutes


May 4, 2004


Meeting called to order at 6:07 p.m.


Planning Commission members present:  Linda Baker, Jim Bralich (6:45 p.m.), Steve Barner, Chris Haggerty


Planning Commission members absent: Rodney Pingree


MPG Advisory Committee members present: Jen Andrews, Joss Besse, Gerry Mullen, Margot Pender, Dick Ward


MPG Advisory Committee members absent: Rob Heimbuch


Also present: Mike Rainville (DRB member), Larry Williams, Redstone


Clerk: Amy Grover


Also present: Sharon Murray, Burnt Rock, Inc.




1.       Article IV Use Standards

2.       Article X Definitions

3.       Discussion VII Zoning District Map Draft

4.       Minutes – April 12, 2004

5.       Other communications/mail

6.       Any other business

7.       Adjournment 


Agenda Item #1 – Article IV Use Standards

The committee reviewed and discussed Article IV Use Standards (that handout is on file at the Town Clerk’s Office with these minutes), and discussion included:

·       Page 4.1 Section 4.2 Accessory Dwelling.  Statutory reflects new bill. 

·       Page 4.1 Section 4.3 Adaptive Reuse of Historic Structures.  Subject to conditional use and allows for DRB to define.

·       Page 4.3 Section 4.5 Campgrounds. General standards – lots, roads, provision to be waived by DRB.

·       Page 4.4 Section 4.6 Commercial Lodging.  Quick summary of how lodging is differentiated in regulations.  Note: more than 5 rooms have to meet ADA accessibility.  Differentiate between “hotel” and “dwelling unit,” as in the evolution of management/ownership hotel units may change to apartments/time share units.

·       Page 4.5 Section 4.8 Day Care Facility.  Statutory, more than 6 children - business is subject to site plan review.

·       Page 4.5 Section 4.9 Extraction and Quarrying.  Current gravel pits are exempt unless they expand or increase rates of extraction.  Optional – additional four page “Extraction and Quarrying” document for review which is much more specific.

·       Page 4.6 Section 4.10 Gas Station.  Allowed in designated districts, not all.  Deals with esthetic issues.  Current grandfathered unless apply for a change.

·       Page 4.9 Section 4.12 Group Home.  Statutory, suggest keeping.  In the new bill the number has increased from 6 to 8 residents.

·       Page 4.9 Section 4.13 Home Based Business.  Suggest keeping, but closely review the standards and how things are separated.

·       Page 4.11 Section 4.13 (continued) Maximum square footage – increase, decrease, or not require?

·       Page 4.11 Section 4.14 Mixed Use.  Included to show how to interpret.

·       Page 4.12 Section 4.15 Mobile Home Park.  Information from new bill included. Density = 6 per acre. Establish what the density is @ Fernwood Manor as a model.

·       Page 4.13 Section 4.16 Motor Vehicle Service and Sales.  May allow under conditional use review, not standards.  Language from PC draft used, no more than 10 vehicles in display areas – some communities go down to 5 vehicles.

·       Page 4.14 Section 4.17 Public Facility. Statutory, incorporated new information, what you can regulate has been changed, can no longer regulate public utility generating facilities and transmission facilities.

·       Page 4.15 Section 4.18 Salvage Yard.  Designated districts are RI and RII, activated when there are more than 4 unregistered vehicles.  Would still be difficult to regulate existing salvage yards, applies to new ones.

·       Page 4.16 Section 4.19 Telecommunications Facility.  Very technical, adapted from the PC draft.

·       Page 4.21 (H) Small Scale and Temporary Facilities. I.E. utility pole, silos.  ZA can issue a permit in any district without review.  Encourages use of technology.

·       Page 4.22 Section 4.20 Temporary Structure or Use.  Review; address fee scale for temporary structure.


Agenda Item #2 – Article X Definitions

The committee reviewed and discussed Article X Definitions (that handout is on file at the Town Clerk’s office with these minutes).  Sharon noted that the article is much longer and more comprehensive than current, as every term/use should be defined, and includes some that are statutory.  Discussion included:


·       Page 10.1 Section 10.1 Terms and Uses (D) The DRB responsible for keeping a record/documentation of interpretation.

·       Page 10.2 Affordable Housing.  Statutory , referenced under PRD/PUD –density bonus for affordable housing.

·       Page 10.2 Agriculture.  Secretary of Agriculture definition.

·       Page 10.5 Camp.  Review and consider in terms of enforcement.

·       Page 10.5 Cemetery. Consider the prohibition of crematoriums.

·       Page 10.6 Contiguous Parcel.  Consider section in bold, re: boundary.

·       Page 10.7 Degree of Noncompliance.  Review and consider.

·       Page 10.9 Farm Structure. Statutory definitions, numbers of animals are specified minimums.

·       Page 10.9 Floor Area, Gross.  More restrictive.

·       Page 10.10 Floor Area, Net. Delete.

·       Page 10.10 Garage Sale.  Need to specify number “10?”

·       Page 10.12 Light Industry.  New

·       Page 10.19 Storage Facility.  Consider.

·       Page 10.22 Warehouse Facility. Consider.

·       Consider defining outdoor racetracks, i.e. dirt bike, ATV use, separately from outdoor recreation to prohibit.


Agenda Item #3 – Discussion VII District Zoning Map Draft.

Tabled due to lack of time.


Agenda Item #4 – Minutes April 12, 2004

Jim Bralich made a motion to accept the minutes of April 12, 2004.  Chris Haggerty seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


Agenda Item #4– Other communications/mail



Agenda Item #5 – Any other business

Sharon noted that the legislature had passed the 117 bill, effective date 7/1/04.  Adoptions after that date will need to meet new requirements/statutes, and the adoption process will change.  The Select Board has the authority to either adopt the bylaws (subject to petitioned vote), or to vote to require their adoption by Australian ballot at a warned Town Meeting.  There is also still the option for the town to vote to adopt bylaws by Australian ballot at a separately warned meeting for that purpose.  Sharon added that the articles that were distributed 5/4/04 were current with the new requirements/statutes, but that the remainder of the document draft now needs to be updated and cross referenced, and that the entire draft would be completed for the June grant deadline.


The next scheduled meeting of the MPG Advisory Committee will be Tuesday, June 8, 2004, 6 – 8:00 p.m. at Smilie School.


Homework for the June meeting: Review Articles IV and X.


Margot Pender noted that she would be absent for the June meeting.


Agenda Item #6 – Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


Amy Grover

Clerk, Planning Commission

These minutes are unofficial until accepted.


These minutes were read and accepted by the Planning Commission on


__________________________ , 2004.





Linda Baker, Chair