Conservation Commission Minutes 10/6/03

Present: Alison Bechdel, Sharon Murray, Lars Botzojorns


IMPORTANT NOTE: Our next meeting is rescheduled for November 10th, instead of the 3rd. We're going to be assembling a fundraising mailing.




LARS is going to write two fundraising letters, one to the folks who already made a donation last year, and one that we'll send to some of the larger landowners in town.


SHARON will run these by the Select Board at their 11/3 meeting. (Memo to Sharon, give Deb a call and let her know you're coming.)


ALISON (and Sharon?) will look at the Grand List and make a list of the 25 or so biggest landholders to target.


ALISON will get the final letters printed out, making sure to include the Wetlands logo on the letterhead.


Then at our 11/10 meeting, we'll sign, stuff & stamp all the letters.


•No new developments on Jerry Mullen's Primitive Biathlon plan, or Rob Mullen's painting auction plan.


But Lars reports that according to Jerry, it's possible to really raise some money with a biathlon since it's an established tradition (as opposed to making up a fundraising scheme out of the blue, like the painting auction). There's a regular season, and a core of people who attend them. If we could fit into their schedule, possibly February, we could do it this year. LARS will follow up with Jerry about this.



We put an announcement in the Gazette for a ribbon-cutting ceremony following our trailwork session this Saturday the 25th. We've told people to either come early and help with the work, or to gather at noon at the VAST trail. Then we'll hike in to the Libby's Look trailhead, have a ribbon-cutting, and have hot cider and cookies at the lookout.


This means we need:

A ribbon!

Cider and a way to make it hot!


And Cookies


Jeez, I hope someone shows up. Tell everyone!




We need to submit a new budget by the end of the year.

We spent $250 on tools from our $1600 this that all?


We need to get signs for the trail. LARS will arrange this with the MMU woodshop--he'll just have to provide them with materials for 5 or 6 signs, probably around $50.


We'll set aside a couple hundred for an excavator. $200 would pay for 4 hours on the ground, but transport might double the cost. Should we put a cap on it, do it on our own? Or try for match from VAST? What if VAST doesn't come through? [Tom, any updates on this?] TOM will coordinate with the excavator.




•Lars passed out copies of the Interim Stewardship plan. (Thanks to Kristian for being the contact person!)


•Lars gave a quick CRAG update, CRAG progress on access not really happening, Adam is designated contact with notch rd. landowners.


•Trailwork. Lars went out with Pieter 2 weeks ago & looked at 2 spots on the muddy VAST trail. 

1. the immediate access off Stage Rd, where we need to fill in & reclaim trenched out area.

2. Section by upper pond which is getting flooded out. Talked about raising tread up, so you stay above water. A couple stretches in a row are inundated. It’s in the ecological zone. Pieter wants us to submit a plan…but we need to coordinate with VAST. To make sure bridge works for snowmobiles. Pieter says, give him a schematic and he’ll write the official letter of approval. Trails Grant might help, next year. Do work next year.


•SHARON will schedule a time with the road guys to look at the access.


•Sharon reported that the GMC is actively looking at moving the Long Trail right into Bolton, and building a bridge across the river. She thinks we might want to meet with Ben or Dave Hardy from GMC to talk about trail relocation.