June 2, 2003 Conservation Commission Minutes


Jen Andrews & Alison Bechdel went to the SB meeting, then proceeded to Smilie for an official CC meeting. No other members were present.


•Jen made a great poster and did a little presentation to the SB outlining how the Advisory Committee would work with them. The CC would oversee the AC, which would consist of a CC member and an SB member who would act as liaisons to their respective town boards.


There are so many interest groups to potentially be involved that in order to keep the project manageable, we would consult people as needed from:

VAST, CRAG_VT, Chittenden East Supervisory Union (school dist.) , VLT , Keeping Track, VT Peregrine Falcon Project, The Nature Conservancy, VT Biodiversity Project, the Uplands Project of Chittenden County, Green Mtn. Club, Chittenden Ct. Forester (Mike Snyder) and UVM.


John asked how we would run the meeting—the CC wouldn’t have executive power, it would all come back to SB, right?


•We obtained a curb cut application for the purpose of constructing a 3 to 4 car parking area on Stage Road between Tom Longstreth’s and Shirley Streeter’s houses.


Authority was given for the town road crew to assist in this project. Concern about ownership of the land arose.


The site will need to be flagged for the road crew—is that something Tom can do since he’s right there?


•We made a date to go see the Sarah Holbrook land. Next Tuesday the 10th, at 5pm. Rain or shine. John DeVine will be there, and hopefully Jerry. Jen and Alison


Jen plans to contact: Hoodie, the White House, and Beth Taylor, about getting involved with CC.




•Tuesday, June 10, 5pm. Sara Holbrook property hike. Meet at site. John & Jerry from SB should be there, Alison & Jen will come. Lars, Tom, Sharon? Can any of you make it?


•Saturday, June 21, 8am, VAST trailhead. Trail walk of Preston Property.




•Bob Fries from Bolton Valley will attend. The plan is for an open-ended discussion about conservation in town, and what’s happening at the Resort.


•Fundraising. It would be great to get someone to take charge of this.


•Access Progress


•Report on Sara Holbrook hike


•Draft management plan—should this be forwarded to the SB? We need to firm that up and send it out. They’d like to have something in their hand.


•Status of new? Members.


•MPG update by Jen. (whether to rezone BV land)