Conservation Commission meeting, Tuesday, Feb. 4

Present: Jenifer Andrews, Alison Bechdel, Lars Botzojorns, Tom Longstreth

Alison passed around the letter Pete Siegel, the chair of the selectboard, sent us after the budget meeting in Jan. Theyıre level-funding us for next year, and encourage us to utilize the Gazette to cut down on mailing costs to town residents. They would also like us to submit written articles to the SB for approval before publication. They havenıt approved Tomıs application to be on the commission yet. And They reiterated their request that we focus some attention on the Sara Holbrook land in the upcoming year.

ALISON will draft a response, thanking them for their interest in reviewing our written articles, and inviting the Selectboard to accompany us on our site visit of the Sara Holbrook property Thursday, Feb. 27 at 3pm.

We discussed our public outreach about the Tiffany-Morrissey acquisition, before the March vote. As it turns out, we CAN discuss the issue at Town Meeting, so we wonıt need to have a separate public meeting beforehand.

We want to make sure people will be there who can speak in support of the project. Jen says it would be great to get people from different parts of town.

Tom will call Dickie Streeter, Alice Astarita, Steve Barner, Deb Mallow, Pete Bickmore

Lars will talk to Hoodie and see if he can find someone from Fernwood Manor.

Jen will talk to Beth Gilpin, Reeds, and other people.

Hoodie Streeter wrote a letter to the town that Lars typed up and sent to the Gazette for the Feb. issue.

Sharon is working on the FAQ sheet about the Preston Pond project. We missed the deadline to include this in the Gazette, so weıre going to do a separate mailing. The Conservation Commission will pay for it, but the Vermont Land Trust is putting the FAQ sheet together in a nice presentation. They might also handle the mailing process itself, but Lars will find out for sure.

Sharon will run her FAQ piece by us, then the VLT, then weıll send it to the Selectboard in time for their 2/17 meeting (preferably the weekend before so they have time to look it over). Weıll ask them to let us know right away if they have any ideas or concerns, so we can get the piece printed up for the mailing.

The best timing for the mailing would be to send it out on 2/26, for delivery 2/27. Just a few days before Town Meeting so itıs fresh in everyoneıs minds.

If the VLT doesnıt do the mailing, weıll have to scramble together and get envelopes, stamps, etc., and figure out how to split up the work. Lars said heıd have the copies at his house and we could all come pick some up. (Doing this some time over the weekend of the 22-23 would be ideal. Sunday evening?)

Alison will ask Deb for mailing labels, and the return address stamp.

Alison will also ask Deb for the wording of the articles to be voted on, so we can make sure the information is accurate.

We signed the Preston Pond donor thank you letters, personalizing them when appropriate, then stuffed & addressed the envelopes.

Tomıs going to speak to the legislature Fri. about Preston Pond. He responded to Bob Linckıs request for a volunteer to speak at a hearing of the joint Senate Agriculture Committee and Natural Resources Committee on land conservation. The VLT was asked to come talk about the Chittenden County Uplands Conservation Project, and Tom will talk about our local Preston Pond effort.

Jenıs going to do the Quarterly Report, which is due in March.

We never got to Jenıs update on stream naming

NO MEETING NEXT MONTH because of Town Meeting. Next meeting is Tuesday, April 8, at 7pm.

But come hike the Sara Holbrook property Thurs. 2/27, at 3pm.