The Bolton Land Use and Development Regulations (BLUDRs), commonly known as the zoning regulations, govern building and subdivision in the Town of Bolton.  You can find information about zoning districts; district standards; general regulations for a wide range of situations (including but not limited to steep slopes, source protection, setbacks, and water supply and waste water systems; specific use standards; Development Review regulations; and subdivision regulations) in the zoning regulations. 
Bolton Land Use & Development Regulations (adopted 2005:  amended 2010, 2019, 2021, 2022 and 2023)
These are the current zoning regulations with amendments and zoning map.  If you are interested in viewing previous regulations, please contact the Town Office at 802-434-5075.


Zoning permit and DRB applications can be
     1.  Printed, filled out and mailed with your permit fees or deposited in
                          the secure 24/7 drop box to the right of the Town Office door. 
     2.  Printed, filled out, scanned and emailed to the Planning and
                          Zoning Administrator.  Note: you will need to get payment to the
                          Town Office before your permit will be fully processed.
     3.  Mailed to you [contact the Town Office at 434-5075 to request a
                          permit] and  mailed with your permit fees or deposited in the
                          secure 24/7 drop box to the right of the Town Office door.

   Payment of fees by cash or check is required BEFORE your application will be processed.

Please be sure to allow ample time for review and approval.  While zoning permits may take up to 30 days to be processed, applications are typically processed within two weeks.
If you are unsure whether you need a zoning permit, which permit is needed, or what to include in your application, start with our Zoning FAQ.  
If you are unsure about fees, what rules apply to your project, need help to complete the application or need assistance with the process, call or email Kelly Diglio, the Planning & Zoning Administrator at zoningbolton@gmavt.net or 802-434-5075 x 225.  Zoning office hours Thursdays 10:00 am – 4:00 pm or by appointment.


Zoning FAQ 

Start Here.  Do I need a permit?  Answers to questions about the application and the process. 


Zoning Fee Schedule, Adopted July 2019  

How much will my application cost?


Click on the application you need to download the form.

Other Zoning Applications:


Email: townclerk@boltonvt.com