Town Plan 2017


Town Plan 2017 — The Bolton Town Plan is funded by a Municipal Planning Grant awarded by the Department of Housing & Community Development.


The Planning Commission was very pleased to have 18 residents turn out for the Planning Commission’s Hearing on the Town Plan (see hearing minutes on the Planning Commission page).


The Select Board held their warned public hearing on the 2017 Town Plan on Wednesday, April 26, 2017, 7 p.m. at the Bolton Town Office, and adopted the 2017 Town Plan.

Community Forum on Prioritizing Objectives

Thank you to the 18 people, including Planning Commission members, who attended the Community Forum on Monday, December 5, 2016.  In addition to helping prioritize over 50 objectives for the Town Plan, we discussed key issues including development constraints, steep slopes, roads, the possibility and implications of a hamlet in West Bolton, and the need for economic development.

Community Engagement and the Vision Statement

As part of the planning process, the Planning Commission hosted several meetings between September 2015 and January 2016 to gather information about residents’ views of Bolton’s future (see below for summaries).  Based on the information gathered at those meetings, the Planning Commission presented a Vision Statement at Town Meeting and requested feedback.  The statement and a summary of the feedback are available at the following links:

Vision Statement

Summary of Feedback on the Vision Statement

The next step is to develop the goals and objectives that will help us realize our vision.  The Planning Commission will work on developing those goals and objectives and hopes to present them in the fall.  Meanwhile, drafts of goals for the sections of the plan will be available below as they are worked on.  Feel free to provide feedback to the email address at the bottom of the page.  Once the goals and objectives are completed we will begin working on the action steps (a.k.a. the to-do list).

Bolton Business Forum Summary

View Meeting Summaries


The survey is now complete.  See all the results in this PDF file.  Below are the key words used to describe Bolton.



Notes, Summaries and Drafts

Check back here for notes and summaries from each meeting, as well as draft documents.

Community Event Summaries

Notes from Planning Commission meetings can be found here.


Useful Links

The 2012 Bolton Town Plan

The 2005 Bolton Land Use and Development Regulations


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Carol Devlin, Assistant Town Clerk

Carol is the staff person for the Town of Bolton who works with the Planning Commission. You can contact her with questions about the process.

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