Planning Commission


A spring magnolia blossoms in Bolton – Linda Baker’s garden. Photo credit: Ted Grover

The Planning Commission (PC) is comprised of 5 volunteer members, who are appointed by the Select Board, and are principally responsible for drafting and amending the Bolton Town Plan and our town’s zoning regulations (the Bolton Land Use and Development Regulations ).  The PC also participates in the regional planning process, undertakes comprehensive planning, and functions solely as a planning body.  The PC does not review development proposals or issue permits; these fall under the jurisdiction of the Development Review Board and the Zoning Administrator.  For more details or if you are interested in joining the Planning Commission, contact the Town Office.

Note:  Documents linked to this page are PDFs. 

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  • Steve Barner, Chair (3 year term, expires 2024)
  • Kaelyn Modrak, Vice-Chair  (3 year term, expires 2023)
  • Evan DesLauriers  (3 year term, expires 2024)
  • Adam Beaudry (2 year term, expires 2023)
  • Clerk – Carol Devlin


The Planning Commission meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month, at 6 p.m.  Interested residents are always encouraged to attend.

As of July 1, 2021 the PC is returning to in-person meetings held at the Bolton Town Office with a virtual option for participation.


The Planning Commission is looking for your help to improve our Town Plan and zoning regulations to meet the needs of its residents as we change and grow as a community.  This position will inspire many and effect real change in Bolton for years to come. Join the Planning Commission to provide a vital service to the town and our community.  Help us effect change in our community.

Please call or email Kaelyn Modrak, PC Member, for more information or if you are interested: or 777-1921.


What:  Bolton Planning Commission Hybrid Meeting

When:  Tuesday, May 10, 6 p.m.

Where:  Bolton Town Office, 3045 Theodore Roosevelt Highway

The Planning Commission will be discussing changes to the proposed amendments to the 2017 Bolton Town Plan based on community feedback at the public hearing on April 21, 2022.  They will also be discussing amendments to the BLUDRs (Bolton Land Use and Development Regulations aka zoning regs). 

Amendments to both the Town Plan and the BLUDRs are required to go through a public hearing process.  The PC hearing on the Town Plan amendments has already taken place.  The next step is a Select Board hearing.  The PC hearing on the BLUDRs has yet to be scheduled but may be as early as May or June.

Information on hearings, reports on the amendments, and the documents with the amendments will be available on the Planning Commission website as part of the notice of public hearing process.  If you are interested in these issues, please stay informed and check the site regularly.  You can access the PC page with the following link:  or by going to the Bolton homepage, click on Boards and Committees, Planning Commission.

Town Plan amendments include but are not limited to,  incorporation of the Bolton Valley Master Plan, including recommended changes to future land use district, and amendment of Town policies related to steep slopes.   

BLUDR amendments include but are not limited to,  the creation of a Resort Master Plan regulatory process, and a more specific steep slopes section (based on DRB experience with applications involving steep slopes) which will ease some restrictions and increase others. A report fully outlining proposed changes is forthcoming and will be posted on the Town website.




The Select Board adopted the Town Plan in 2017.  Amendments were approved in 2021.  The Town Plan and accompanying maps may be found on the Planning Page.


The Select Board adopted the Bolton Land Use and Development Regulations (BLUDRs) in 2005.  Amendments were approved in 2010, 2019 and 2021.  The BLUDRs (aka Zoning Regulations) may be found on the Zoning Page.