Internet Options in Bolton

Bolton is challenged in providing high speed internet access in many parts of town.  The Bolton Economic Resource Committee is working on options to help address this issue.

In general there are 6 options for accessing the internet:

  1. Wireless – this is cell service (you must be near a tower to get good reception)
  2. Satellite – this would be a company like Hughes Net or Xfinity and requires a dish
  3. Cable – example company, Comcast, often bundled with cable TV
  4. DSL – this is generally through a phone company and uses coper wiring
  5. Fiber – this is the fastest wired connection and in Bolton comes from Waitsfield Telecom.
  6. WiFi Hot Spot – this is free access to the internet at a specific location – Bolton now has a Free WiFi Hot Spot at the U-Haul parking lot

This link shows the options of businesses providing access to the internet in our area (you can change the zip code since Bolton has 4 zip codes, but it’s clear the options are limited).

How to Improve your current service

There are several things to check if you currently have access to the internet, but are challenged in some way.  First go to this link and see what the results are:

You should see 3 results:  Ping, Download and Upload speeds like the image below:

These numbers are considered HIGH SPEED access.  If your results are less than this it could be one of several reasons.

  • Service is limited at your location
  • Your device is too far from your Internet access inside your home

Waitsfield Telecom has provided information for customers

  1. Wi-Fi 101 (a couple of videos):
  2. Wireless Connectivity Issues:
  3. Whole Home Wi-Fi service:

Please email: if you have additional questions about our efforts to improve broadband in Bolton.