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The Bolton Economic Resource Committee is very appreciative of the 105 people who filled out our first survey regarding broadband in Bolton.  We have learned there COULD be financial support to expand high speed internet access in Bolton, IF WE MEET THE CRITERIA.  New legislation this past week along with Federal funding could help our efforts, but we need YOUR help.  There is additional information that is necessary to show the urgency for our community to be a recipient of these potential funds, so regardless if you filled out the first survey this one is critical to document our needs.  Things are moving quickly and with your help answering a few questions we will have the data we need to show the urgency of broadband in Bolton.  We completed 3 surveys in 2 months and now have the report for you to view.

We are working with the several folks at the state as well as Waitsfield Telecom to improve access as quickly as possible, but this is a very big and expensive undertaking so your help is super important right now.  Please talk with your neighbors, make sure they know about the survey, and that they fill it out by July 10, (Please only one per house).

We want to send a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Steve Clark and Erin Harrington of ENS Transport Inc. for supporting the new WIFI HOT SPOT at the U-Haul center in Bolton.  This was set up on June 26, 2020 through a grant to create a FREE WIFI HOT SPOT in Bolton.  This free service is available in the parking lot.  You will see the “BOLTON WiFi” network is ready to serve! We understand this is just one step in helping Bolton, but we hope you will it check out and let us know what you think about it as a new resource, so send your feedback to:

For more information about this grant please see:

We will update this page regarding our progress in addition to our monthly updates in the Gazette and on Front Porch Forum.  If you have immediate questions, please email us at:

The Bolton Economic Resource Committee is dedicating our volunteer efforts for the next several months to help our neighbors obtain better internet access.  With your help, we hope to make a positive difference.  

Broadband in Bolton Report (PDF)
Maps (PDF)