Board of Civil Authority & Board of Tax Abatement

Board of Civil Authority

The Board of Civil Authority is comprised of the following people: the town clerk, the Select Board, and the elected justices of the peace. Meetings of the board are called by the Town Clerk, or by one of the Select Board members. This board is responsible for the following: to assist with the running of elections, to act as a quasi-judicial board for grievances between taxpayers and listers, to maintain the voter checklist, and to award Wheeler Trust Scholarships annually.


In the running of elections, the Town Clerk is the Presiding Officer. The members of the Board of Civil Authority assist with the smooth running of elections, and assist with the counting of ballots. Generally, at least one member of the Board of Civil Authority is present throughout the day at the polling place.

Tax Appeals

 When a taxpayer has a grievance with the decision of the Board of Listers, the taxpayer can appeal to the Board of Civil Authority. The board acts as a quasi-judicial board hearing evidence from all parties involved, and renders a decision. Guidelines for appeals to the Board of Civil Authority, and the appropriate forms to be used can be found in the Property Valuation and Review’s “A Handbook on Property Tax Assessment Appeals”.

Voter Checklist

The board is responsible for reviewing all applications for addition to the checklist. Every two years the board must review the voter checklist and make a list of names of voters to be challenged.

Wheeler Trust Scholarships

Overseen by the board, the Wheeler Trust Scholarship annually awards funds to 2 – 5 full time college students from Bolton.

Wheeler Trust Guidelines

Board of Tax Abatement

The Board of Tax Abatement has the authority to abate all or a portion of a resident’s property taxes, collection fees, and interest assessed by the Town according to specific criteria established by Vermont State Statutes. The Board meets as required to hear requests for tax abatement, and is comprised of the town clerk, the town treasurer, the Select Board, and the elected justices of the peace.


  • John Devine, Justice of the Peace
  • Steve Diglio, Justice of the Peace
  • Paula Gervia, Justice of the Peace, Vice Chair
  • Amy Grover, Town Clerk & Treasurer
  • Brenda McKeown, Justice of the Peace, Chair
  • Rich Reid, Justice of the Peace
  • plus all members of the Select Board

Agenda for Upcoming Meeting

  • No meeting currently scheduled

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Board of Abatement Minutes



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