Conservation Commission

The Bolton Conservation Commission’s role is to promote stewardship of natural and cultural resources in our town and to advise the Select Board, Planning Commission, and Development Review Board on matters relating to the environment.  The members are appointed by the Select Board and while the current membership of the Conservation Commission consists of diverse backgrounds and some expertise in the fields of ecology and natural resources, we draw on professionals in the private and public realms to assist our efforts.

Conservation Commission Links and Maps are at the bottom of the page after the CC minutes.

Sign art compliments of Julie Longstreth ~ Photo credit: Q. Keating

Conservation Commission Members

Contact the Conservation Commission through the Town Office, (802) 434-5075

  • Virginia Haviland, Chair (term expires 3/2025)
  • Pamela Gude, Vice Chair (term expires 3/2025)
  • Amy Ludwin, (term expires 3/2022)
  • Jerry Mullen (term expires 3/2025)
  • Rob Mullen (term expires 3/2022)
  • Steve McLeod  (term expires 3/2022)
  • Tucker Andrews (term expires 3/2022)
Preston Pond Conservation Area Steward
Rob Mullen (two year term expires March 2022)
email contact:
Description – Forest Steward Position
Sara Holbrook Parcel Stewards
Pamela Gude (two year term expires 2023)

Emerald Ash Borer

October 24, 2020 Update:
Unfortunately, invasive emerald ash borer (EAB), was confirmed in both Richmond and Shaftsbury, resulting in two new infestations in Vermont. Bolton is the “confirmed Infested Area” (a 5-mile radius from a known infested site).

EAB is an invasive insect that attacks and kills 99% all 3 species of ash found in Vermont. The larvae (the immature stage) feed on the inner bark of ash trees, disrupting the tree’s ability to transport water and nutrients. EAB has killed hundreds of millions of ash trees in North America since it was discovered in 2002. The first EAB infestation was confirmed in Vermont in 2018 and is now in 10 VT counties. We encourage all Vermont towns to prepare for and manage the impacts of EAB and the loss of ash trees in our communities.

We encourage you to visit: EAB page to access information and resources, and to view the most up to date map of state-wide map of infested areas here:

Our full Slow the Spread recommendations can be found here:

If you think you have EAB, you can report it here:

Agenda for Upcoming Meeting

The Bolton Conservation Commission’s regular meeting date is the fourth Monday of the month, at 6  p.m.  Note:  The BCC will not be meeting in July 2021.

Please Note: With the expiration of the declared state of emergency (due to COVID-19) at midnight on June 15, 2021, public bodies must now comply with the long-standing Open Meeting Law as it appears in 1 V.S.A 310-314, which includes that a “physical meeting location for public participation must be provided.”  Participants for the August 23, 2021 Bolton Conservation Commission meeting are invited to attend and participate by coming to the Town Office (the physical meeting location) at 3045 Theodore Roosevelt Highway.


Draft Meeting Minutes

 Accepted Meeting Minutes & Agendas 2021

Accepted Meeting Minutes & Agendas 2020

 Accepted Meeting Minutes & Agendas 2019

 Accepted Meeting Minutes & Agendas 2018

Archived BCC Minutes and Agendas 

Conservation Commission Documents and maps


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