Tax Information


  • ONE TAX BILL IS MAILED TO THE PROPERTY OWNER OF RECORD AS OF APRIL 1st EACH YEAR.  This mailing usually goes out in August. 
  • If your taxes are paid by an escrow, it is your responsibility to provide the escrow with your tax information or a copy of your tax bill.
  • Due dates are by 4 p.m. on the installment dates printed on the tax bills for September, November, February and May, and there is no grace period.
  • Legible federal post marks of the due date are accepted as on time.
  • Interest on late installments is 1% per month.
  • Notices for late installments are sent monthly.
  • Unpaid taxes are delinquent after May 15th annually, and incur an immediate 8% penalty.
  • Payments can be remitted by mail, made at the office, or left in the office drop box.
  • The town does not accept credit cards,  electronic payments, nor postdated checks. Post dated checks will immediately be returned to the property owner.


The Assessor has lodged the 2024-2025 Grand List.  Change of assessment notices have been sent to property owners whose assessments have changed.  If you would like to grieve your assessments, you may submit a Request for Grievance 2024-2025 by May 29, 2025 (postmarks NOT accepted) or arrange an appointment for Wednesday, May 29 beginning at 2 p.m.  Appointments are assigned in the order in which they are requested.  Call the Town Office at 802-434-5075 x 221 to set up an appointment.