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Bolton’s Own Little Libraries (BOLLs)


Bolton’s Own Little Library Group

Bolton’s Own Little Libraries’ (BOLL) Group is collection of people committed to stocking and caretaking small, self-service libraries in neighborhoods throughout Bolton.  The idea for the BOLLs project came from Steve Madden, the Camel’s Hump Middle School Librarian, when the beloved Book Bus stopped bringing books to Bolton kids in the summer and he found out about an international project called Little Free Libraries.  Subsequently, BOLLs were lovingly crafted by dozens of volunteers.  Each library houses about four dozen books and operates under the “Take a Book, Leave a Book” policy.  BOLLs are open 24 hour/day and have a wide array of books for all ages. Inventory is constantly changing as people exchange books, so you’ll have to come by to see what’s available.  Best part? There’s no due date or late fees!

Bolton’s Own Little Library Group Annual Report 2016

It’s been a year of quiet reading for Bolton’s Own Little Libraries (BOLLs).  This is our first year with no new little library boxes in Town.  Our group of volunteers has been stocking and caretaking our small, self-service libraries in neighborhoods throughout Bolton.  Each library houses about four dozen books and operates under the “Take a Book, Leave a Book” policy.  BOLLs are open 24 hour/day and have a wide array of books for all ages. Inventory is constantly changing as people exchange books, so you’ll have to come by to see what’s available.  Best part? A book to read 24/7 ! And ….there’s no due date or late fees! Love that book, you can keep it to read over and over and over again.  Or, love that book- pop it back in a BOLL box the moment you are done to share the joy of a good read with a neighbor; and post a review of it on the BOLL Facebook page if you’d like to.

How do you find the BOLL nearest you? BOLLs are the brightly painted little boxes that are located at: the east end of Fernwood Manor, 445 Duxbury Road, on the Access Road near the intersection with Thacher Road where the Lotus Lodge is, half way down Notch Road, Stage Road across from the Condominiums, where the Long Trail crosses Rt. 2, and the Town Office. Leslie Pelch has generously created a map of all the locations, and a link to the map is on the BOLLs Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/217540608350423/ Map images are also posted at the libraries, Smilie School, and at the Town Office so that anyone can see where the seven BOLLs are located. There is also a link on the Bolton Town Website: http://boltonvt.com/government/maps-orthophotos/

The BOLLs would not exist and thrive without a dedicated group of volunteers, who look after the BOLLs. We are always looking for volunteers to help rotate the books once a month between the libraries and our extra books.  If you interested in helping to look after a little library, having a poetry slam, or book swap at your super-local BOLL, please be in touch with either Amy Ludwin at amy@mymountain.com or Jen Dudley-Gaillard at 999-2196.

Thank you to the Richmond Free Library for some early reader books donated this past year to our BOLL boxes.  And, a special thank you to Steve Madden, librarian at Camel’s Hump Middle School for inspiring us to create our BOLLs and for his continued support. -Submitted Amy Ludwin & Jen Dudley-Gaillard on behalf of the:  Bolton’s Own Little Library Group


Email: clerkbolton@gmavt.net 
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