Tuesday, August 13 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Smilie School – State Primary

Tuesday, November 5 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Smilie School – General Election, including Vermont election and Presidential Election

Voter Registration Information

  • You must be a registered voter IN THE TOWN OF BOLTON to vote in Bolton.
  • The Vermont Secretary of State has a voter information page.
  • Voter registration may be done in person at the office, by mail, or online through the Online Voter Registration (OLVR).  You may also register the day of an election at Bolton’s polling place, Smilie Memorial Elementary School.
  • Update your voter information, or request absentee ballots at My Voter Page (MVP).

How to Request an Absentee Ballot

Requesting an Absentee Ballot is Easy.  You may:

  • Request one at My Voter Page (MVP).
  • Request one in person at the Bolton Town Office Monday-Thursday between 8 and 4. 
  • Call the Town Office and request an absentee ballot.  802-434-5075, ext. 221.
  • Email the Assistant Town Clerk request an absentee ballot.
  • Absentee Ballot Request Form

NOTE:  You may request an absentee ballot for another person.  However, you may only pick up your own ballot.  All 3rd party requests will be MAILED to the address on file for the voter.

MMUUSD (School Election)


Revised April 2, 2024 MMMUSD Warning

April 2 MMUUSD Election Sample Ballot

MMMUSD March 5 2024 Warning  CANCELLED – See April 2 Warning.

MMUUSD March 5 Sample Ballot  CANCELLED – See April 2 Warning.


The Town budget passed on a floor vote at Town Meeting on Monday, March 4, 2024.

Presidential Primary – Republican
 Binkley                    1
 Christie                   0
 Desantis                 0 
Haley                     79
 Ramaswamy          4
 Trump                     62
 Write – In                  3

Presidential Primary – Democrat

Biden                  129
 Greenstein              0 
 Palmer                     1
 Phillips                    3
 Uygur                       1
 Williamson             9
 Write – In                7

Bolton – Local
 Town Moderator – Leslie Pelch – 282
 Select Board 2-year term –
  Mica Cassara – 155
  Leanne Marguerite Deschenes – 126
 Select Board 3 -year term – Paula Gervia – 270
 Town Treasurer – Michael Webber – 279
 Town Clerk – Michael Webber – 281
 School Board Director – Stephen Diglio – 253

    Cemetery Commissioner 2 years on 3-year term – 45 write-ins – No winner  because no individual received the minimum number of votes.

    Cemetery Commissioner 3 years – 39 write-ins – No winner because no individual received the minimum number of votes.

Article 5:  Shall the voters of the Town of Bolton authorize the Select Board to add a one quarter center (1/4 cent) addition to the tax rate to support the Conservation Fund?
  Yes – 198
  No – 88

Pet Mayor Results

So final numbers are:
Carl  the Goat (the Foerster Family) – 54
Rolo – 43
Huckleberry – 39
Nakydia – 31
Zia -16
Miska – 21
London – 11
Luna – 6

221 people voted for Pet Mayor!

Town Meeting 2024

Town Meeting Minutes March 4, 2024

Annual Report

The Annual Town Report has been printed and delivered, they are available for pick up in Bolton’s Little Library outside of the Town Office and by the main entrance of the Smilie School.

Bolton Town Meeting 2024 Warning

Annual Notice To Voters

Town Sample Ballot

2024 Presidential Primary

Presidential Primary Warning

Democrat Sample Ballot

Republican Sample Ballot

The Presidential Primary is the only election in Vermont in which voters MUST request the ballot of a specific party.  Voters will receive only ONE ballot:  either the Democratic or the Republican.  For more information see:  Presidential Primary 101


Email: townclerk@boltonvt.com