Town of Bolton

3045 Theodore Roosevelt Highway

Bolton VT 05676



Planning Commission/MPG Advisory Committee Minutes


August 24, 2004


Meeting called to order at 6:10 p.m.


Planning Commission members present:  Linda Baker, Steve Barner, Rodney Pingree


Planning Commission members absent: Chris Haggerty, Jim Bralich


MPG Advisory Committee members present: Jen Andrews, Gerry Mullen, Margot Pender, Joss Besse


MPG Advisory Committee members absent:  Rob Heimbuch, Dick Ward, John Devine


Clerk: Amy Grover


Also present: Bob Fries/Bolton Valley, Larry Williams/Redstone




1.       Continue discussion/review Zoning Regulation Draft

2.       Minutes May 4, 2004, June 8, 2004, July 13 and 20, 2004, August 10, 2004

3.       Other communications/mail

4.       Any other business

5.       Adjournment



Agenda Item #1 – Discussion/Review Zoning Regulation Draft

The committee continued the review of the document focusing on Article X, definitions. Changes (indicated in italics) to the document and discussion included:

·       Page 10.5 Camp.  Input from Sharon regarding the bold, shall vs. may?  Amy to check w/ Tina on how “camps” are listed/taxed.

·       Page 10.5 Cemetery.  What is a columbarium?

·       Add “Change of Use” to definitions. i.e. “See Conversions.”

·       Page 10.7 Degree of Noncompliance.  Revisit? More restrictive? Change to read; “For the purposes of these regulations, any enlargement or other structural alteration which extends the footprint or height (portion deleted here) of a structure within a required setback distance, or above the allowed maximum, height…”

·       Differences between definitions of Day Care Facility and Home child Care.

·       Page 10.11 Hotel.  Revisit.  Input from Sharon. Define “extended” and “on average” – how calculated?  Transient vs. permanent.  Bob Fries noted that more than 30 days is implied, and that stays of less than 30 days are subject to rooms and meals tax, over 30 days are not.  Enforcement? Larry Williams noted that the design of the building dictates its use, and that Okemo had dealt with the issue.  Steve suggested defining “condo hotel” separately.  Linda noted the need to address the point at which units are being lived in permanently.

·       Page 10.12 Line 37, typo, delete.

·       Page 10.12 Light Industry.  Revisit. Add to Conditional Use in VI only, with a maximum of 20,000 square feet, no limit on employees. Need more definitive definition – statute on square footage or number of employees?

·       Page 10.14 line 25, typo, change “including” to “include.”

·       Page 10.15 Parking Space.  Revisit.  Is 18’ in depth (vs. 20’) more standard?

·       Page 10.15 Permit.  Why only telecommunications?

·       Page 10.16 PRD and PUD.  Revisit, slopes.  Larry noted a need to allow for flexibility, change slope percentages.  Margot suggested allow flexibility by being able to waive slope requirements, rather than changing them in the document.  Rodney noted the need to think of the accumulative impact.  Joss will try to measure some slopes all are familiar with to get an understanding of percentages.

·       Page 10.18 line 1, typo, “shore” to “short.”

·       Page 10.22 Warming Hut.  Toilet facilities required by State?

·       Add “Yurt” to definitions.


Joss asked Larry Williams for his input regarding issues he sees with the current draft PRD/PUD.  Larry noted the following:

·       Setbacks from surface waters/wetlands.

·       Visibility from a public way.

·       Definition of “ridgeline.”


Other discussion:

·       Page 3.7, line 28.  Is the “50%” defined by statute?

·       Need to address Lindsey’s sign.


Section 3.14 Signs

The committee determined the amount of sign square footage at the Bolton Store to be approximately 81 square feet.  Based on that assessment, Linda noted that the draft sign square footage is much too restrictive at 20 square feet.  Discussion included adding a subsection for gas stations/resorts, exempting signs required by the gasoline franchise, or asking the franchise to follow the town’s regulations, and submission of a master sign plan subject to review.  Ask Sharon to check what other towns have, i.e. Williston, Ludlow, noting that Bolton Valley is a good model for signage.                                                        





Agenda Item #2– Minutes May 4, 2004, June 8, 2004, and July 13, 2004, July 20, 2004, and August 10, 2004

Jim Bralich made the motion to accept the minutes of 5/4/2004, 6/8/2004, 7/13 & 20/2004, and 8/10/2004.  Rodney Pingree seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


Agenda Item #3– Other communications/mail

The committee briefly discussed the approaching deadline for FY 2005 Municipal Planning Grants, and the feasibility of applying for a grant to update the Town Plan.  Joss Besse will investigate further.


Agenda Item #4 – Any other business

The next scheduled meeting of the MPG Advisory Committee will be Tuesday, September 15, 2004 6 – 9 p.m. at Smilie School.


Agenda Item #5 – Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.


Amy Grover

Clerk, Planning Commission

These minutes are unofficial until accepted.


These minutes were read and accepted by the Planning Commission on


__________________________ , 2004.





Linda Baker, Chair