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Planning Commission/MPG Advisory Committee Minutes


March 8, 2004


Meeting called to order at 6:00 p.m.


Planning Commission members present:  Rodney Pingree, Linda Baker,


Planning Commission members absent: Chris Haggerty, Steve Barner, Jim Bralich


MPG Advisory Committee members present: Jen Andrews, Joss Besse, Margot Pender, Gerry Mullen (7:10 p.m., SB meeting prior), Rob Heimbuch


MPG Advisory Committee members absent:  Dick Ward


Also present: Greg Swan, Susan Vita, Ken Richardson, Mike Rainville (4 DRB members), Chuck Rooney


Clerk: Amy Grover


Also present: Brain Shupe, Burnt Rock, Inc.




1.       Hearting Timetable

2.       Article VI and VII,  Subdivision Procedures Draft review

3.       Minutes January 12, 2004 & February 9, 2004

4.       Other communications/mail

5.       Any other business

6.       Adjournment



Agenda Item #1 – Hearing Timetable

The committee reviewed the three options presented for the hearing timetable; a September 2004 vote (primaries), a November 2004 vote, and a March 2005 (Town Meeting) vote.  It was noted that the Select Board would need to enact the optional third year of the interim zoning in the VII District no matter which option was pursued. After discussion, a consensus was reached by the committee to stay on track for the November 2004 vote, which would necessitate warning the first PC hearing on approximately July 7, 2004. 


Brian Shupe noted that the possibility of amendments to Chapter 117, July 1, 2004, would enable the Select Board to adopt the zoning regulations with the hearing process, but without a town vote.  Brian added that he and Sharon would keep the committee apprised of this issue.


The committee reached a consensus that they would entertain input from Redstone/Bolton Valley until their May 2004 meeting.


Agenda Item #2 – Article VI and VII Subdivision Procedures Draft

The committee reviewed and discussed Articles VI and VII (that handout is on file at the Town Clerk’s office with these minutes), and discussion included:


Article VI

·       Key change – exemption for 3 lot and 30 + acre lot subdivision eliminated.

·       Page 6.6 (C) Sketch plan review completed within 90 days.

·       Page 6.6 (D) Action on Sketch plan within 90 days.

·       Page 6.4 Preliminary subdivision review, major subdivision.  Anticipates more engineering than what is required by current zoning regulations.

·       Page 6.8 (E) Certificate of Compliance – what triggers this requirement, clearly identify for future reference.


Article VII

·       Page 7-1, Section 7.1 (A)(2) Specify that the “independent technical review”, hired by the DRB.

·       Page 7.2 (D) (5) Lot layout – absolute constraint on lots?

·       Page 7.3 Section 7.3 Protection of Natural and Cultural Resources.  Much more detailed, broader range of issues.  Stronger protection in place.

·       Page 7.3 Section 7.3 Surface Waters.  Un-named streams and rivers included as well?  Lesser setbacks for those un-named proposed in Article III.

·       Page 7.3 (B) (1) E.G.   Deed restrictions, conservation easements.

·       Page 7.5 (F) Farmland.  Option – delete AG overlay district.

·       Page 7.6 (3)  Intended to recognize that strict environmental protection might be waived in designated village centers.

·       Page 7.6  (a) Open Space.  Expands on existing section, how open space is defined.

·       Page 7.7 Section 7.5 Stormwater Management – adapted from state guidelines.

·       Page 7.7 Section 7.6 Transportation Facilities and Infrastructure.  Current road standards inappropriate for town.   These are more sensitive to community being served, and do not require over building.

·       Page 7.8 Roads.  Less than 4 lots served = driveway.

·       Page 7.8 (1)  Capacity.  “Unreasonable” needs further definition (i.e. safety problems, functional capacity, and lower level of service), but tied to traffic study.

·       Article III has specifics that apply to all roads, not just subdivisions.

·       Page 7.9  Transit Facilities.  “Transit stop” specify as a pull off, pull over.

·       Page 7.10 Section 7.7 (a) Public Facilities.  DRB will get letters from school as needed.

·       Page 7.10 Water systems.  Do not name systems because of name changes in subsequent ownership.

·       Page 7.11 (5) Prohibit septic systems within the flood plain.

·       Page 7.11 Section 7.8 Legal Requirements – i.e. Associations and Road Maintenance agreements.


Agenda Item #3– Minutes January 12, 2004, February 9, 2004

Tabled until the April meeting due to lack of a PC quorum.


Agenda Item #4– Other communications/mail

The committee reviewed a letter from Redstone/Larry Williams and Bolton Valley/Bob Fries asking for a venue to present information on their master plan, and re-expressing their concerns regarding the current draft of the zoning district map, and language suggestions for the zoning regulations.  Brian Shupe noted that it would be more appropriate to consider the comments made regarding language when reviewing the appropriate section of a draft article.


A motion was made and the committee voted in favor (by majority) of inviting Redstone/BV to make a brief one half-hour presentation at the April 2004 meeting.  Amy will forward that information a.s.a.p. by telephone, followed by a confirmation letter from Linda Baker.  The committee noted the need to express to Redstone/BV that they are interested in hearing about the master plan, and not the process by which the plan is being developed.


Amy will contact the Select Board to invite them all to the April meeting, and to apprise them of why and what consensus the committee reached with regard to the hearing schedule, and receiving input.


Agenda Item #5 – Any other business

The next scheduled meeting of the MPG Advisory Committee will be Monday, April 12, 2004, 6 – 8:30 p.m. at Smilie School.


Agenda Item #6 – Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.



Amy Grover

Clerk, Planning Commission

These minutes are unofficial until accepted.


These minutes were read and accepted by the Planning Commission on


__________________________ , 2004.





Linda Baker, Chair