Town of Bolton

3045 Theodore Roosevelt Highway

Bolton VT 05676



Planning Commission/MPG Advisory Committee Minutes


August 11, 2003


Meeting called to order at 6 p.m.


Planning Commission members present: Linda Baker, Steve Barner


Planning Commission members absent: Jim Bralich, Chris Haggerty, Rodney Pingree


MPG Advisory Committee members present: Jerry Mullen, Margot Pender


MPG Advisory Committee members absent: Pete Siegel, Rob Heimbuch, Jen Andrews, Joss Besse, Dick Ward


Clerk: Amy Grover


Also present: Sharon Murray, Burnt Rock, Inc.




1.       Zoning Districts and Uses

2.       Minutes  July 14, 2003

3.       Other communications/mail

4.       Any other business

5.       Adjournment



Agenda Item #1 – Zoning Districts and Uses

The committee reviewed several maps of Bolton, and discussed various options for the Village II District, including restricting development over a certain elevation level and requiring building envelopes for newly subdivided lots. Because of the small attendance at the meeting, this item will again be put on the September agenda to allow for more input from the committee members that were absent.  The committee will review several options including the fire district, the May 2002 Planning Commission map draft, and Dana Farley’s suggestions.  Amy will check with Deb at the office to see if there is a zoning district map with elevations already on file. If not, Amy will contact Pam Brangon @ CCRPC to have a zoning district/elevation map drafted for the next meeting.  Amy will also bring copies of the Mylars showing the GMC and Silver Bow subdivisions.


Sharon provided the committee with two handouts, “Article II, Zoning Districts” and “Table 2.1 Village I District.”  (These two handouts are on file with these minutes at the Town Office.) 


The Committee reviewed the two handouts and discussion included:

Article II Zoning Districts

·       Stream buffers/riparian buffer – 25’ from edge

·       Naming additional streams, surface water vs. defined channels.

·       Revisiting fees, i.e. smaller fee for boundary line adjustment

·       Expansion of boundary interpretation

·       Extension of district standards – allow up to 50 feet vs. 100 feet into lot

·       New “Application of District Standards.”


Table 2.1 Village I District

·       Moving hotel from permitted to conditional use -  allow 4,000 sq. ft./2,000 sq. ft. as maximum vs. number of rooms

·       Over 4 units of dwelling/multi-family - conditional use

·       Site plan review for permitted use

·       Protecting ridgelines

·       Agriculture overlay district to protect soils

·       Forestry overlay district

·       Rural Residential vs. Rural II

·       Smaller lots allowed in VI

·       Larger lots required in VII

·       West Bolton village center

·       Allowing most uses in Village districts, more restrictive outside of that

·       Adding a Mountain Village District


Sharon noted that all of the zoning districts would be revisited, and input received from public outreach.  Burnt Rock will draft tables of all the zoning districts for the September meeting.


Agenda Item #3 – Minutes July 14, 2003

Tabled until the September meeting due to a lack of a quorum of the Planning Commission.


Agenda Item #4– Other communications/mail



Agenda Item #5 – Any other business

Amy will be contacting MPG Committee members with three potential dates to choose from for the September meeting, the 16th, 22nd, and 24th, and will notify all a.s.a.p. when the meeting date is set.


Agenda Item #6 – Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


Amy Grover

Clerk, Planning Commission

These minutes are unofficial until accepted.


These minutes were read and accepted by the Planning Commission on


__________________________ , 2003.





Linda Baker, Chair