Town of Bolton

3045 Theodore Roosevelt Highway

Bolton VT 05676



Planning Commission/MPG Advisory Committee Minutes


June 9, 2003


Regular meeting called to order at 6:20 p.m. after the tour of West Bolton.


Planning Commission members present: Chris Haggerty, Rodney Pingree


Planning Commission members absent: Linda Baker, Jim Bralich, Steve Barner


MPG Advisory Committee members present: Joss Besse, Jerry Mullen, Margot Pender


MPG Advisory Committee members absent: Pete Siegel, Rob Heimbuch, Jen Andrews, Dick Ward


Clerk: Amy Grover


Also present: Brian Shupe and Sharon Murray, Burnt Rock, Inc.




1.       Tour of West Bolton

2.       Brian Shupe and Sharon Murray, Burnt Rock, Inc.  Article Draft review

3.       Minutes  May 12, 2003

4.       Other communications/mail

5.       Any other business

6.       Adjournment



Agenda Item #1 – Tour of West Bolton 5 p.m.

Several members of the MPG Advisory Committee met and toured the West Bolton area with Brian Shupe and Sharon Murray to review the current district boundaries


Agenda Item #2 –  Article Draft review

Brian Shupe distributed two drafts to the committee;

1.     Article I.  Authority and Purpose

2.     Article 7.  Administration and Enforcement Outline

Brain noted that drafts would be reviewed, and revised with feedback.


The Committee discussed issues that might be labeled as the most controversial and determined that might include uses and districts.  A September public forum on this issue was penciled in, with a review of uses and districts to take place at the next meeting.

The Committee reviewed the draft of Article I.  Brian and Sharon noted that some changes were statutory and some served to implement the Town Plan and State Land Use goals.   Brian noted the use of “boilerplate language” and the change in the title to “Bolton Land Use and Development Regulations.”


The Committee reviewed the draft of Article 7.  Brian and Sharon noted that this draft Article was longer, and that the upper right hand column would indicate where in the existing regulations the item was found, or if it was new, optional or statutory. (See copies of Burnt Rock’s 2 draft Article handouts from this date on file with these minutes at the Bolton Town Clerk’s Office.)  The areas of discussion included:

·       Section 7.2 – Exemptions. New/optional, and a fairly comprehensive list.  The committee noted the need for more discussion on home occupations and the possibility of a tiered system, and the possibility of regulating trails

·       Section 7.3 – Zoning Permit.  The timeline and process are statutory.  Application requirements are broader.

·       Section 7.4. – C.O.C. and C.O.O.  More structure added to C.O.C.  The removal of a temporary C.O.O.  Change Administrative Officer to Zoning Administrator.  Allow 15, rather than 5 days for the Zoning Administrator’s action.

·       Section 7.5 - Appeals.  All statutory.

·       Section 7.6 – Variances.  All statutory.  Building in the flood plain, discuss more restrictive standards in certain districts.

·       Section 7 .7 – Violations and Enforcement.  Dictated by Statute.

·       Section 7.8 – Municipal Administrative Requirements.  Issues that the Zoning Administrator and Town Boards need to be aware of.


Agenda Item #3 – Minutes May 12, 2003

The minutes were not accepted as there was not a quorum of the Planning Commission present.  Tabled until the July meeting.


Agenda Item #4– Other communications/mail

Amy will send a copy of the Bolton Flood Map to Burnt Rock, and find out how the mailing list for the Boston Gazette is compiled.


Michele Maresca of CCRPC will be attending the July meeting to give a one-hour presentation on the results of the regional build out analysis in Bolton.  Discussion of uses and districts will follow Michelle’s 6 p.m. presentation.


Agenda Item #5– Any other business

The next scheduled meeting of the MPG Advisory Committee will be Monday, July14, 2003, 6 p.m. at Smilie School.


The August meeting has been tentatively scheduled for Monday, August 11, 2003 at 6 p.m.


Agenda Item #5 – Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


Amy Grover

Clerk, Planning Commission

These minutes are unofficial until accepted.


These minutes were read and accepted by the Planning Commission on


__________________________ , 2003.





Linda Baker, Chair