Town of Bolton

3045 Theodore Roosevelt Highway

Bolton VT 05676



Planning Commission Minutes


November 13, 2002


Meeting called to order at 6:12 p.m.


Planning Commission members present: Linda Baker, Chair, Jim Bralich, Rodney Pingree


Planning Commission members absent: Steve Barner, Chris Haggerty


Zoning Administrator: Dick Ward


CCRPC Commissioner: Margot Pender (left @6:50 p.m.)


Clerk: Amy Grover




1.       Minutes October 16, 2002

2.       Other communications/mail

3.       Review status of CCRPC/Town Plan/Municipal planning grant

4.       Review of final draft of Zoning Regulations

5.       Draft schedule of future items to be addressed

6.       Any other business

7.       Adjournment



Agenda Item #1 – Minutes

Rodney Pingree made the motion to accept the minutes of October 16, 2002 as amended.  Jim Bralich seconded the motion.  All were in favor.


Agenda Item #2 – Other communications/mail

The Commission reviewed the notice from the State of Vermont ANR on extending the operational status of Bolton Valley’s water and sewer permit until 11/01/03.


The Commission reviewed two letters from CCRPC, the first, notification of “World Planning Day”, the second, CCRPC’s  request for the Commission’s review of their data layers of housing points and land use in Chittenden County.


Agenda Item #3 – CCRPC/Town Plan/Municipal planning grant

Margot Pender gave the Commission an overview of the local meeting and the CCRPC meeting (both in September 2002), which gave Bolton approval of its Town Plan.  Margot shared CCRPC’s information with regard to standards and guidelines for Town Plan approval.  The Commission reviewed the draft of the CCRPC minutes from September 23, 2002 when the Bolton Town Plan was approved.  The Commission, Margot and Dick Ward discussed problems with the Town Plan, reviewed Ian MacDougall’s  (CCRPC) eleven-item memo with regard to the Plan, and noted that there was a great need for a professional planner to work on incorporating CCRPC’s suggested improvements to the Plan in the future.  The Commission discussed the possibility of applying for a municipal planning grant in 2003 to fund the work of a professional planner in this regard.


Amy Grover noted that the Town had received notification of State approval for the municipal planning grant on 10/31/02 for the amount of $12,000.  The grant application had requested $14,630.  Amy stated she had spoken with Joss Besse, who was going to revise the grant work program and budget pages to reflect this difference in funds, and re-submit the information to the State by the 11/22/02 deadline.


Agenda Item #4 – Review of final draft of the Zoning Regulations

The Commission and Dick Ward discussed the current status of the draft of the zoning regulations with respect to the interim zoning, and receiving the municipal planning grant.  Dick advised the Commission to continue forward with the process of completing the zoning regulations, noting that any changes that needed to be incorporated to the zoning regulations as the result of the work funded by the municipal planning grant could be addressed in the future.  The Commission tabled this item until the December meeting.


Agenda Item #5 – Draft future schedule

Amy Grover noted that the Commission would be occupied during much of the next 18 months with the work that will be funded by the municipal planning grant.


Changes to the final draft of the Zoning Regulations will be addressed at the December meeting.


Agenda Item #6 – Any other business

Dick Ward will check on the intent of the unified development review ordinance as outlined in the grant application.  The Commission noted that the needed changes to the subdivision bylaws would be addressed accordingly.


Dick Ward responded to the question which arose at the October P.C. meeting with regard to water and sewer issues at Bolton Valley. Dick stated that he would receive a letter, noting that previously the letters had been from Bernie Chenette, P.E., Chenette Associates, referencing the particular lot and its water and sewer allotment.  Dick noted that Bernie Chenette would be amending/updating that information for Bolton Valley’s ACT 250 permit, and briefly outlined the subdivision application of Ned Hamilton/ Bolton Valley, which is scheduled for an 11/20/02 public hearing.


The next scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission will be on Wednesday, December 11, 2002, 6 p.m. at the Town Office.


Agenda Item #7 - Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


Amy Grover

Clerk, Planning Commission

These minutes are unofficial until accepted.


These minutes were read and accepted by the Planning Commission on


__________________________ , 2002






Linda Baker, Chair