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Ethan Allen Firing Range Information

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The entire Ethan Allen Firing Range is off limits to all non-military personnel at all times due to inherent safety risks.  This notice is to provide residents of Bolton advance notice of scheduled training.  It is not an indication of changes in on-going operation or a basis for a precedent for continual posting.

Please direct questions to Camp Ethan Allen at 899-7005.

 113 Ethan Allen Road Jericho, VT 05465

Range Control (802) 899-7013

SUBJECT: Live Fire Training Dates

I write to inform you about the status of the Range training taking place during the month of July. The following dates have been compiled in order to provide advance notice of live fire training events at CEATS (Camp Ethan Allen Training Site). Dates and weapons systems used may change and Range Operations will attempt to update information as these changes occur. Announcement of these known events are requested to be posted on the Town Website and/or the Front Porch Forum.

 July through August the range will continue Annual training. The facility will have training that will include Live, Blank fire and Medevac Air Operations. This will include extended hours in the evening between the 15thand the 26th of June and between the 4th and 26th of August to include night firing. The rest of the month’s training will be conducted within normal range operational hours.

 Please feel free to contact me with any concerns that might arise.


MAJ Duby Thompson

Range Operations

Camp Ethan Allen Training Site

Vermont Army National Guard  







































Email: clerkbolton@gmavt.net