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US Route 2 RICHMOND Snipe Island Bridge will CLOSE Friday, July 21 at 7 AM

On Friday, July 21, at 7 AM the Vermont Agency of Transportation will CLOSE the Snipe Island Brook on Route 2 in Richmond for four weeks. The bridge is located about three miles southeast of the center of Richmond, next to the intersection of Snipe Ireland Road, about one mile north of Jonesville.

The existing bridge will be demolished and a new one-span bridge will be built over the small brook.

Today, July 20, the crew worked on installing stream diversion measures to facilitate the removal of the old bridge. Most of the water will be diverted into a large steel culvert to bypass the construction site, limiting the amount of erosion and sediment from entering the brook, and subsequently the Winooski river.

Friday and Saturday the contractor will work on demolishing the 88-year old bridge. All next week, two cranes will be onsite driving 14 steel piles 80 feet into the ground for the foundations. The first piece of precast will be set next Friday or Saturday.

Snipe Ireland Road will remain open but may be limited to one lane traffic directed by flaggers during working hours to give the crew a little more room to work and for safety of the crew and traveling public.

VTrans has designated I-89, which runs parallel to Route 2 between Exits 10 and 11, as a detour route for vehicles. Bicyclists and pedestrians will use Cochran Road as a detour route.

It is illegal in Vermont to use any handheld portable electronic devices while driving. The law carries fines of up to $200 with points assessed if the violation occurs in a work zone.

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Construction Update SO BURLINGTON I-89 Culverts – week of July 24, 2017


Construction of two concrete culverts under I-89 between Exits 12 and 13 Northbound in So Burlington is progressing at a good pace. The box culverts have been fully set into the ground. Next week the crew will be finishing up waterproofing and backfilling around the box culvert. Once the culverts and the area surrounding them are restored, the interstate will be repaved (tentatively scheduled for August 2) and the process will be repeated to replace the two culverts under the Southbound lanes.

Interior of culverts are designed to mimic rocks and sand in a natural stream bed to create aquatic habitat and passage for mammals. This culvert is located under the highway just north of the whale tails.

For the safety of workers and motorists, the speed limit has been reduced to 55 m.p.h. for the duration of the project. Vermont State Police will step up enforcement to encourage motorists to slow down so our crew can work in a safe construction zone.

To learn more about the project and view more photos see:  www.i89sbgculverts.vtransprojects.vermont.gov



Jill Barrett

Public Outreach Coordinator


Construction Update: July 21, 2017

VTrans would like to keep you informed of construction activities related to the following project: 
I-89 Bridges Project – Northbound Exit 10 Off-Ramp Bridge



Intermittent alternating one-way traffic can be expected on Stowe Street under the interstate bridge as work continues on the project.

Anticipate heavy traffic in the Waterbury – Stowe area Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon

Traffic is anticipated to be congested Friday afternoon/early evening along Route 100 from downtown Waterbury and the I-89 Exit 10 interchange area headed north to the LAX Tournament in Stowe. Heavy traffic is anticipated again on Sunday afternoon as vehicles head south on Route 100 towards I-89. Law enforcement and traffic control will be assisting with the traffic flow. Seek alternate routes for local traffic during these times to avoid delays.

I-89 Bridges Project
AOT Project No. IM 089-2(43)

Project Location:  The I-89 Bridges Project is located at Exit 10 on I-89 in Waterbury.

I-89 Bridges NB Off-Ramp Bridge

Milling activities have been completed on Stowe Street and the parking lot at the Stowe Street park. Crews will begin repaving the area this week.


Stowe Street will be periodically reduced to one lane alternating one-way traffic under the interstate bridges next week. Flaggers will be present to assist in maintaining traffic flow on Stowe Street.


Damaged concrete repair on the piers on the northbound and southbound interstate bridges continues without impact to traffic.


No night and weekend work is anticipated this week. VTrans will keep you informed of any changes to construction activities related to the I-89 Bridges Project over the next few weeks.

Please focus on safety when driving through the construction work zone and remember, it is illegal in Vermont to use any handheld portable electronic devices while driving. The law carries fines of up to $200 with points assessed if the violation occurs in a work zone.

Contact Annabelle Dally, 802-825-2555 with questions.

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