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Construction Update: March 23, 2017
VTrans would like to keep you informed of construction activities related to the following projects:  I-89 Bridges Project – Northbound Exit 10 Off-Ramp Bridge

PLEASE NOTE: Construction is ramping up next week for the 2017 construction season. Construction on the I-89 Bridges Project will begin Monday, March 27th, 2017. Weekly construction updates will resume.
I-89 Bridges Project AOT Project No. IM 089-2(43)

Project Location:  The I-89 Bridges Project is located at Exit 10 on I-89 in Waterbury.
I-89 Bridges NB Off-Ramp Bridge   During the 2017 construction season, crews anticipate completing the repairs to the concrete piers on the interstate bridges, the installation of curbing and sidewalks along the east side of Stowe Street, the construction of a parking area, the leveling and repaving of Stowe Street, the restoration of Newton Baker Park, and the removal of the permanently closed ramp and installation of guardrail.
Next week crews will be continuing to repair the concrete piers on the northbound and southbound interstate bridges. Crews will continue to chip out the remaining damaged concrete that will be patched with new concrete.
Stowe Street may be reduced intermittently to one lane with alternating one-way traffic under the northbound and southbound interstate bridges. Flaggers will be present to assist in maintaining traffic flow on Stowe Street.
Please focus on safety when driving through the construction work zone and remember, it is illegal in Vermont to use any handheld portable electronic devices while driving. The law carries fines of up to $200 with points assessed if the violation occurs in a work zone. Contact Annabelle Dally, 802-825-2555 with questions.
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