2017 Better Roads Grants

The Town of Bolton has received two 2017 grants from the Vermont Better Roads Program to complete culvert and ditching work on Wentworth and Thacher Roads.

Culverts – Per the approved grant application: This project will address undersized culverts based on estimates of hydraulic capacity at each crossing.  Three culverts will be upsized from 24” diameter to 36” diameter, and one culvert will be upsized from 36” diameter to 48” diameter. The four culverts’ locations are indicated on the enclosed map. 

Ditching – Per the approved grant application: This project will address erosion problems through the installation of appropriately sized ditches with riprap armor. This project will address the highest priority ditches during the first phase of the project totaling 1,160 linear feet.  The highest priority ditches are indicated in red on the enclosed map.

Standards – The town is required to follow the standards as outlined in the grant, and as outlined in the Municipal Roads General Permit standards.

Grant Applications
1. Better Roads Grant Application- Ditching

2. Better Roads Grant Application – Culverts

Timeline – Work is anticipated to begin in August 2017.

Areas of Work – Areas of work will be marked with grade stakes with white ribbons. Grade stakes will mark the limit of the work area with respect to the ditching work. Residents are encouraged to re-locate plants, and/or decorative structures that are within the work areas prior to the work commencing.



Email: clerkbolton@gmavt.net